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Peoples against G20
31 October 2011

CADTM Activities at G20 counter summit

Wedensday November 2nd


Citizen debt audit : YES it is urgent !
Proposed by : CADTM Europe - ATTAC EuropeJubilee UK - EN FR ES
Speakers : Eric Toussaint (CADTM Belgium), Jonathan Stevenson (Jubilee UK)., Representatives of the French Comittee for Debt Audit : Annick Coupé (Solidaires), CGT, Daniel Rallet (FSU), Frédéric Lemaire (ATTAC France),

Schools, hospitals, emergency accomodation...Pensions, unemployement benefit, culture, environment... we all live daily the restriction of public expenses and it will get worse. We are told from morning to night that we have no choice, we must reassure the creditors, to save France’triple A that the State spended too much, and that now we have to refund public debt". But where does this debt come from? Did we decide it? Was it contracted in the general interest or to benefit already privileged minorities? Who hold bonds and benefit from the austerity? Can we levy its burden otherwise than by impovershing the populations?


How to suspend the paiement of public debt and repudiate legaly the illegitimate part.
Proposed by CADTM EuropeJubilee UK - EN FR ES
Speakers : Claude Quémar (CADTM France) and Myriam Bourgy (CADTM Belgium).

International public law provide gouvernements with will solid arguments to get out of debt’s trap and antisocial policies inspired by neoliberalism

Thursday November 3rd


Experiences from the South to fight against illegitimate debt : with cases from Tunisia, Ecuador, Argentina, etc...
Proposed by CADTM InternationalJubilee UK - EN FR ES
Speakers : Eric Toussaint (CADTM Belgium – former member of the audit commission in Ecuador), Hugo Arias (Latindadd – Ecuador - former member of the audit commission in Ecuador), Azza Chamkhi (RAID/ATTAC/CADTM Tunisia).