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[VIDEO] FESTIVAL SESSIONS: Growing private debt, vulnerability and inequality in South Asia
by Farooq Tariq , Sushovan Dhar , Amali Wedagedara , Nalini Ratnarajah
7 September 2021

Presented by: South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE), Progressive Plantation Workers Union (PPWU) India, Manitham Trust India, Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangh (BNPS), South Asia Tax and Fiscal Justice Alliance (SATaFJA).

Session is about the status of growing private debt, vulnerability and inequality and also discuss the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic.


  • Amali Wedagedara
  • Farooq Tariq
  • Sushovan Dhar


  • Nalini Ratnarajah

Farooq Tariq
Sushovan Dhar


Amali Wedagedara

is PhD student in the University of Hawaii, Manoa, focusing on low income household debt problem in Sri Lanka.

Nalini Ratnarajah

Woman Human Rights Defender. Member of South Asia Alliance of Poverty Eradication (SAAPE) from Sri Lanka.