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Demand debt relief for hurricane-hit islands
by Jubilee Debt Campaign
25 September 2017

A petition to all creditors, including the IMF and World Bank

Over recent weeks, several countries in the Caribbean have been devastated by hurricanes. Some of those countries were already heavily indebted, often in part because of loans taken out to help with rebuilding efforts following previous disasters.

Please ask lenders to suspend debt payments immediately.

“We have lost all that money can buy and replace.”
– said Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit

Debt relief for hurricane-hit islands

Recent hurricanes have caused huge destruction in the Caribbean, including the already heavily indebted countries of Dominica and Antigua & Barbuda. With climate change, such devastating disasters are only likely to get worse, including in the Caribbean. Except for Haiti, Caribbean countries have been excluded from past debt relief initiatives.

We call on all creditors, including the IMF and World Bank, to:

  1. Declare an immediate moratorium on all debt payments for Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda and any other countries drastically impacted by hurricanes in recent weeks.
  2. Reduce debts for all Caribbean countries to a sustainable level, and give assistance to rebuild as grants, not loans.
  3. In light of the increased risks from climate change, create a permanent mechanism to suspend debt payments and reduce debt payments to a sustainable level, for all vulnerable countries hit by disasters.

Sign the petition here:

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