Latin America and the Caribbean is a peaceful region – no foreign military bases!

9 February 2010

Gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in the occasion of the events held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the World Social Forum and facing a new aggressive escalation of imperialism, we, members of social and popular movements, networks and organizations with varied aims, meet once more in a campaign that is similar to the one we organized against the FTAA in order to affirm that Latin America is a peaceful region and to say no to foreign military bases!

For more than a decade, Latin America has experienced a process of changes. The struggle for sovereignty, rights and the well being of its peoples intensifies. At the same time, the imperialism of the United States and its allies increase the threats to peoples and offers a conservative reaction to the developing political transformations.

Within that context we have seen:

- The multiplication of military bases, as seven bases are being established in the Colombian territory and the signature of treaties with Panama for the placement of 11 military bases;

- A military invasion in the guise of humanitarian help after the catastrophe in Haiti;

- The reactivation of the Fourth Fleet of the US Navy, armed with nuclear weapons and projected to sail the rich oceanic waters of Latin America and the Caribbean;

- Coup attempts such as the one that took place in Honduras with the logistic support of the American military base of Palmerola;

- Plans to destabilize countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela;

- Intensification of hostilities and the maintenance of the blockade against Cuba;

- Criminalization of the social struggle.

Besides intimidating transformative political processes in the region, the intensification of the military presence of the USA in the region is intended to position its war power in strategic zones of great natural wealth, such as the biodiversity of the Amazon region and the oil found in Southern Atlantic deep waters. It constitutes a clear attack against peace, security and sovereignty of all countries in the region.

Much to the contrary of what is divulged by the circles of power and conservative forces, the world has not become a peaceful, safe or stable place. Severe threats are facing humankind, putting at risk world peace, international security and the sovereignty of all countries and peoples in the region.

In Central Asia, the United States and its NATO NATO
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO ensures US military protection for the Europeans in case of aggression, but above all it gives the USA supremacy over the Western Bloc. Western European countries agreed to place their armed forces within a defence system under US command, and thus recognize the preponderance of the USA. NATO was founded in 1949 in Washington, but became less prominent after the end of the Cold War. In 2002, it had 19 members: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the UK, the USA, to which were added Greece and Turkey in 1952, the Federal Republic of Germany in 1955 (replaced by Unified Germany in 1990), Spain in 1982, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in 1999.
allies position more troops and intensify occupation and war, including air strikes and devastating actions against civilian population. Iraq is still in flames, turned into the prototype of a new sort of militarized colonialism inaugurated in the Bush era and maintained by the Barack Obama administration.

In Palestine, the martyred people, having its territory occupied by the State of Israel, is being victim of a genocide with the consent and tolerance of the United States and Europe.

As international law is attacked, militarization reaches unprecedented levels. Military expenditure increases, nuclear weapons multiply, the United States develop new plans of antimissile defense, NATO ratified its aggressive role, the naval presence of imperialist countries in the Indian Ocean grows, while Africa becomes even more vulnerable with the creation of AFRICOM, the military command of the United States for the continent. An immense network of military bases is being spread all over the world.

All that power is not a necessity of the world, but one of the economic system that the empire imposes on the world. The objectives are the same that have kept the imperialist system moving – controlling economic resources and national wealth, ruling markets and fighting against social transformations.

The increasing militarization represented by more than 800 US military bases all over the world is part of an imperialist strategy to deal with the economic and political crisis, preserving its economic model and maintaining its role as the hegemonic power in the world – making use of force, if necessary, to achieve those goals.

Our social organizations vehemently condemn the escalation of militarism. We have deep convictions regarding democracy, solidarity and the defense of peace. The peoples are becoming aware that peace, as opposed to militarization and imperialist wars, is not only something worth defending with passion, but an indispensable means to guarantee the survival and the development of humankind with social justice, democracy, universal rights, national sovereignty and the distribution of income and wealth.

We reaffirm at this moment that Haiti does not need the military intervention, but respect to its sovereignty. We call all countries to cooperate with solidarity, putting doctors, teachers and other professionals to the service of the Haitian people.

As patriotic Latin Americans committed to solidarity among peoples, we want to offer our contribution to the fulfillment of those noble ideals and turn Latin America into a peaceful territory free from foreign military bases.

Latin America and the Caribbean – a peaceful region!

No military bases!

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