8 March

Hingurakgoda, Sri Lanka

Collective protest by the collective of women victimised by Microfinance

Victims of Microfinance debt in Sri Lanka have been struggling against exploitative lending for a couple of years. An estimate of 28 million people are caught in a debt trap and over 200 were forced to commit suicide. In the face of the deepening indebtedness, tightening pressure from microfinance and finance companies and the neglect of the government, the Collective of Women Victimised by Microfinance has decided to call for a protest and a Sathyagraha from March 08th onwards. The protest starts at 2.00 pm at Hingurakgoda, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.

The objectives of the protest and the Sathyagraha are to enhance the awareness of the microfinance debt crisis among the public and build a solidarity action locally and internationally, strong enough to force the government to address the crisis with short term, intermediate and long term solutions.

People are demanding that,

  1. All microfinance debt be abolished!
  2. All microfinance debt collection be immediately ceased until a debt audit is conducted!
  3. All legal action against microfinance borrowers be stopped!
  4. De-list all microfinance borrowers from CRIB!
  5. Establish an autonomous and socially emancipatory credit mechanism, collectively owned by women!

The women’s collective would like if you could

  1. Express solidarity. We have created the hashtag #AbolishMFIDebtLk. We welcome solidarity messages, photos, statements and videos ...
  2. uild the struggle to abolish exploitative Microfinance debt as an international campaign.
  3. Disseminate news/ information about the collective action by the women’s collective in international media.
  4. Support with funding.

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