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7 October 2015

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02 february 2015

The CADTM sees, in the latest Oxfam report, a stark reminder and an acknowledgement that inequality and dispossession of the poor is growing at alarming rates that have never been witnessed before in human history. The article, The scourge of rising inequality – A case of Pakistan explains the Pakistani case. In similar lines, the articles Greece falls prey to ECB diktats and blackmail and Human rights law beyond borders: Confronting austerity in Greece expose the unfair advantages taken by creditors, of the bankruptcy of the Greek political leadership, to impose further precarity.

Meanwhile, sub-prime spectres return in the US. Many new victims are being caught up in debt spirals, be it the Haitian peasants, the Sri Lankan plantation workers, the Rohingya Muslim refugees of Myanmar or the Syrian refugees in Europe enduring a precarious existence. Protesters risk the same fate as Saeed Baloch, the fisher-folk leader from Pakistan who has been arrested and jailed under heinous laws.

Rays of hope that continue to trickle in from Portugal and the Conference on the Plan B for Europe encourage and reinforce our struggles.
  • SYRIZA, PODEMOS, and European Movements Against Illegitimate Debt
    Eric Toussaint
    Éric Toussaint (at the European Citizens’ Assembly on Debt) The need for a Plan B in Europe After (...)
  • Plan B for Europe
    Plan B Europa
    In July 2015, we witnessed a financial coup d’état carried out by the European Union and its (...)
  • Migrations
  • IMF’s Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages
    Nadia Prupis
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday released a report urging the European (...)
  • The Rohingya ordeal: a maritime ping-pong
    Mihir Bhonsale
    Mohammad Haryot aged 15 left one of the camps in Rakhine state of Myanmar with seven other (...)
  • Greece
  • Video: Greece falls prey to ECB diktats and blackmail
    Eric Toussaint
    The following video shows a talk given at the European Parliament in Brussels by Eric Toussaint (...)
  • Greece falls prey to ECB diktats and blackmail
    Eric Toussaint
    There follows the summary of a talk given at the European Parliament in Brussels by Eric (...)
  • Human rights law beyond borders: Confronting austerity in Greece
    Margot E. Salomon
    Margot Salomon has played a key role in documenting international responsibility for the human (...)
  • Portugal
  • An unlikely deal for the Left begets victories and exposes all contradictions
    João Camargo
    After the Portuguese general election last October it seemed unlikely that the actual outcome (...)
  • China-Africa
  • China’s Path into Africa Blocked
    Patrick Bond
    On Dec. 4-5, Chinese leaders visited Johannesburg’s central business district to pledge $60 (...)
  • Pakistan
  • The scourge of rising inequality – A case of Pakistan
    Abdul Khaliq
    The issue of inequality, which was shunted aside amidst rapid growth over the last few decades, (...)
  • The World Forum of Fisher Peoples’ calls for the immediate release of Mr. Saeed Baloch, General Secretary of the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
    Naseegh Jaffer
    Pakistan must release Mr. Saeed Baloch immediately. Mr. Baloch was arrested on 16 January by (...)
  • Capitalism
  • Who does the World Economic Forum really represent?
    Transnational Institute
    TNI takes a close look at the World Economic Forum’s Board to see who they represent, their (...)
  • 62 billionaires now control half of world’s wealth
    Farooque Chowdhury
    The richest 62 persons now control more than half of the world’s money, according to a new Oxfam (...)
  • 62 people own the same as half the world, reveals Oxfam Davos report
    The Oxfam report An Economy for the 1%, shows that the wealth of the poorest half of the (...)
  • USA - Finance
  • The Subprime Specter Returns: High Finance and the Growth of High-Risk Consumer Debt
    Jennifer Taub
    With more than half of American consumers classified as having subprime credit scores, it is no (...)
  • India
  • Should Plantation workers be working at poverty level wages?
    Vijaya Kumar
    Special correspondents and bigwigs in the planation industry keep hammering at us that (...)
  • Haiti
  • The Blood of the Earth : Agriculture, Land Rights, and Haitian History
    Beverley Bell, Jean-Pierre Ricot
    Yesterday, January 12, on the sixth anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake, Haitians mourned the (...)
  • Argentine
  • Argentina Negotiates Debt Dispute with “Holdout” Hedge Funds
    Jubilee USA
    Washington DC- Argentina’s new government begins negotiations in New York with groups that sued (...)
  • Cuba
  • £139 million of ‘made-up money’ to count as UK aid
    Jubilee Debt Campaign
    £139 million of ‘made-up money’ will count as UK aid and contribute towards meeting the UK (...)
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