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24 February 2016

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31 march 2015
CADTM mourns the death of Ajit Muricken, a long-time member of CADTM India and CADTM International. We offer our condolences to Mercy, his companion, who works as a doctor among the people.

This issue brings you the detailed reports of the recently held conference in the European Parliament “Restructuring the debt, reconstruction of democracy”. Other articles deal with the Argentine surrender to vulture funds, Plan B for Europe, the murder of Honduran ecological activist, Berta Cáceres and evolving political situations around the planet.

CADTM had planned to hold its Global Assembly meeting in Morocco from April 26-30, 2016 and also the meeting of the continental networks along with the regional assembly of CADTM Africa. However, the meetings could not take place due to the Moroccan authorities' obstinate opposition hindering the freedom to hold meetings and conferences. We stand in solidarity with our Moroccan comrades who are fighting for greater democracy in Morocco. This has forced us to change the locality of these meetings that will now be held in Tunisia.

  • Video: Cephas Lumina: “The Paris Club has no legitimacy”
    Cephas Lumina
    Several members of the Greek Debt Truth Committee (GDTC) attended the session on 1st March 2016 (...)
  • Video: Maria-Lucia Fattorelli: “Before anything else can be done, there must be a debt audit”
    Maria Lucia Fattorelli
    Several members of the Greek Debt Truth Committee (GDTC) attended the session on 1st March 2016 (...)
  • Video: Eric Toussaint: “The Greek public debt crisis is a web of lies”
    Eric Toussaint
    Several members of the Greek Debt Truth Committee (GDTC) attended the session on 1st March 2016 (...)
  • Video: Zoe Konstantopoulou: “The Greek Debt Truth Committee’s final report scared the creditors.”
    Zoe Konstantopoulou
    Several members of the Greek Debt Truth Committee (GDTC) attended the session on 1st March 2016 (...)
  • The Truth Committee on Public Debt returns to Greece through Europe. It becomes an Association and continues its works
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    Zoe Konstantopoulou: “The Truth Committee will continue its works, whether the European (...)
  • Plan B
  • Plan B doesn’t include a reform of the EU
    Amanda Andrades, Eric Toussaint
    Éric Toussaint (Namur, Belgium, 1954), PhD in Political Science from the University of Liege and (...)
  • Ajit Muricken (1945-2016)
    Eric Toussaint
    Ajit Muricken, who passed away following a heart attack on Monday, March 14, 2016, came from a (...)
  • Obituary Ajit Muricken
    Eric Toussaint, VAK
    Dear Friends We wish to express with deep sadness the death of Mr. Ajit Muricken who died (...)
  • Greece
  • UN expert on Greece: “The excessive austerity in the public health care sector literally killed the nurse and doctor before turning to the patient”
    Eric Toussaint
    The CADTM recommends that our readers should apprise themselves of Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky’s (...)
  • Ecology
  • For Indigenous Peoples, Megadams Are ‘Worse than Colonization’
    Philippa de Boissière , Sian Cowman
    These mega-projects expropriate land, spoil environments, and pollute democracies. Berta Cáceres (...)
  • Recent Developments of the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power
    Radio Mundo Real
    Real World Radio has interviewed Brid Brennan from the Transnational Institute (TNI) to discuss (...)
  • Migrations
  • EU-Turkey agreement: Call for action!
    Alter Summit calls its members to organise, support or join any demonstation or gathering (...)
  • Social movements
  • Justice for the Civil Counsil of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), the family of Bertha Cáceres and Gustavo Castro
    Early in the morning on Thursday March 3rd, our Honduran comrade Bertha Cáceres and Mexican (...)
  • World march of women
    World March of Women
    Dear sisters, friends, activists and fellow fighters, In recent days, the world has been (...)
  • Argentina
  • Reject the Imminent Agreement with the “Vulture Funds”
    ATTAC/CADTM Argentina
    The worrisome Argentine “Public Debt” has its roots in an illegal and illegitimate debt process. (...)
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