15 August 2015

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15 August 2015

It's the summer holidays, when parliaments make the most of people being otherwise occupied to pass unpopular laws; Greece is no exception. The third plan to bleed the Greeks dry, negotiated with the country’s creditors, was adopted by the Greek parliament on Friday morning.

In the midst of this complex situation, as Alexis Tsipras’s government undertakes policies diametrically opposed to the promises that won him the January elections and the referendum on 5th July 2015, there is confusion and despair amongst the people and political tensions within Syriza are running high. Any discordant voices raised to oppose the new memorandum are swept aside.

The preliminary report presented on 18 June by the Commission for the Truth about Greek Public Debt provides a solid basis from which to carry through the necessary U-turn. The video of Eric Toussaint’s talk at the presentation received so much attention that it has now been subtitled in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian, with German, Polish, Serbo-Croat and Slovenian versions in preparation.

In the coming months and years, Greek debt will remain a central issue among European preoccupations. Eric Toussaint’s introductory speech and the work of the Commission will remain topical. The struggle to bring justice to the Greek people, through the recognition of illegitimate debt, is far from over and the Commission’s work will go on, with or without institutional support.

The colony of Porto Rico is also being subjected – like Greece— to maximum pressure from its creditors to repay its public debt at any cost and to apply austerity measures.

On the 13 July 2015, in contradiction with the brilliant victory of the No/Oxi referendum (62% no, only 38% yes), Greece’s creditors bullied the Greek Prime Minister into accepting an unacceptable agreement. During the night of 15 to 16 July the Greek parliament ratified this new memorandum by combining the votes of a split SYRIZA party and the right wing parties. (...)
  • Eric Toussaint’s speech at the presentation of the preliminary report of the Truth Committee
    Eric Toussaint
    The Committee for the Truth on the Greek public debt presented its first findings in June 2015. (...)
  • Debt Mechanism in Greece
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    Chapter 4, Debt System Mechanism in Greece reveals the mechanisms devised by the agreements (...)
  • Greece and beyond: Capitalism versus Democracy in Europe
    Michael Lowy
    Let us begin with a quote from an essay on bourgeois democracy in Russia, written in 1906, (...)
  • Greek public debt by creditors in 2015
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    Chapter 3, Greek public debt by creditor in 2015, presents the contentious nature of Greece’s (...)
  • Open letter to Yanis Varoufakis: Plan B is democracy
    Thomas Coutrot
    Dear Yanis Varoufakis, For five months, you have personified the hopes of many European (...)
  • Eric Toussaint: “The president of the Greek parliament has rescued Syriza’s honor”
    Eric Toussaint, Fatima Fafatale
    “Now the Tsipras government has made itself an accomplice to the creditors, violating human (...)
  • Evolution of the Greek public debt during 2010-2015
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    Chapter 2, Evolution of Greek public debt during 2010-2015, concludes that the first loan (...)
  • Zoe Konstantopoulou’s speech in the Greek Parliament on 22 July 2015: The complete subordination of a democratic country to the will and demands of other governments is not an agreement
    Zoe Konstantopoulou
    Admittedly the politically and personally painful moments which we have experienced in (...)
  • Greece: The Consequences of the Capitulation
    Eric Toussaint
    Very quickly after the Greek government and parliament capitulated to the creditors (European (...)
  • Why I’ve Changed My Mind About Grexit
    Daniel Munevar, Thomas Fazi
    Daniel Munevar is a 30-year-old post-Keynesian economist from Bogotá, Colombia. From March to (...)
  • Debt before the Troika
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    Chapter 1, Debt before the Troika, analyses the growth of the Greek public debt since the (...)
  • Today Greece, tomorrow the world
    Mike Roscoe
    Greece has been living beyond its means, having borrowed too much during the easy times. Its (...)
  • The ECB destabilized the Greek economy to subject Greece to creditors’ demands
    Eric Toussaint, Rosa Moussaoui
    Éric Toussaint interviewed by Rosa Moussaoui, Special envoy in Athens for L’Humanité Has Athens (...)
  • Puerto Rico – the USA’s ‘Greece’
    Barry Sheppard
    The world has been focused on the spectacle of the “troika” of the IMF, the European Commission (...)
  • How Hedge and Vulture Funds Have Exploited Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis
    Ed Morales
    For this island teetering on bankruptcy, debt renegotiation is imminent—but on whose terms? New (...)
  • Bangladesh: The peasant associations BKF-BKS in the struggle against the effects of climate change and for solidarity
    Pierre Rousset, Badrul Alam
    Badrul Alam, a representative of the BKF-BKS movement in Bangladesh, was in France in June 2015 (...)
  • Power and impunity of transnational corporations stifles people’s voices
    La Vía Campesina
    The power and impunity of the transnationals are stifling the voices of the world’s peoples. (...)
  • EPA Agreement: Stakeholders Urges FG To Decide On Time
    Ademola Oyejide
    Stakeholders have warned Nigeria against signing the should take a position either to sign or (...)
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