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12 August 2014

Comité para la Anulación de la Deuda del Tercer Mundo
Electronic Newsletter Number 102 - Tuesday 12 August 2014
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CADTM - Social movements

Interview by Anthony Legrand (1)
Eric Toussaint: "The terrible rise in inequality across both the global North and the global South is intolerable. The trivialization of this increasing imbalance is unacceptable ’’
by Anthony Legrand, Eric Toussaint - 1 August
1. You are trained as a historian and a political scientist. With a PhD in Political Sciences, (...)
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// Anthony Legrand interviews Eric Toussaint (second part)
“North / South Relationship: the future depends on the peoples’ struggle for social liberation’
by Eric Toussaint, Anthony Legrand - 10 August
Do you think that (humanitarian) ‘moral emergency’ prevailed over exhaustive analysis within (...)
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Bank of the South
// South Africa
BRICS and the tendency to sub-imperialism
by Patrick Bond - 10 August
The rise of the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) bloc represents a potentially (...)
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// BRICS Bank: Is it an alternative for development finance?
by Daniel Munevar - 28 July
It is precisely this potential that allows to understand the overwhelmingly positive reception (...)
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// A major political move: the BRICS launch the New Development Bank and a reserve arrangement
by María José Romero - 28 July
How new is the New Development Bank? The bank created by the five members of the BRICS is (...)
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// Brickbats for the BRICS bank?
by John Weeks - 23 July
This event raises several political questions for progressives: 1) what is a type of "bank" do (...)
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// Detroit (USA)
Using Bankruptcy to Steal Pensions
by Dianne Feeley - 10 August
In 2013 Kevyn Orr, the Emergency Manager appointed to take over Detroit by Michigan Governor (...)
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IMF - World Bank
// Series : Bretton Woods, the World Bank and the IMF: 70th anniversary (Part 2)
The WB assists those in power in a witch-hunting context
by Eric Toussaint - 22 July
In the first 17 years of its existence, the projects supported by the World Bank focussed on (...)
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// Series : Bretton Woods, the World Bank and the IMF: 70th anniversary (Part 3)
Early conflicts between the UN and the World Bank/IMF tandem
by Eric Toussaint - 28 July
In March 1946, on the occasion of the first meeting of the governors of the World Bank and the (...)
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// Series : Bretton Woods, the World Bank and the IMF: 70th anniversary (Part 4)
SUNFED versus World Bank
by Eric Toussaint - 31 July
From the beginning of World Bank operations, the governments of developing countries, starting (...)
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// Series : Bretton Woods, the World Bank and the IMF: 70th anniversary (Part 5)
Why the Marshall Plan?
by Eric Toussaint - 5 August
The US government had learned from the mistakes made in the 1920s and 1930s At the end of the (...)
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// Kenya
Bunge La Mwananchi - Unganisha Wakenya... Referendum
by Unganisha wakenya referendum - 5 August
ARTICLE 43 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA (1) Every person has the right- (a) To the highest (...)
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Nigeria - World Bank
// Nigeria: World Bank panel turns its back on forcibly evicted community
by Amnesty international - 29 July
"This decision is beyond disappointing – it is a slap in the face for the Badia East community (...)
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Africa - Agriculture and Food Sovereignty
// The fool’s bargain of West African bananas’ producers who have demanded to sign the West Africa-EU EPA
by Jacques Berthelot - 25 July
But the signature’s ink had barely dried that the EU signed on July 17 a free-trade agreement (...)
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Argentina - Vulture funds
// Don´t Owe, Won´t Pay: YES to life, NO more vultures!
by Jubilee South/Americas - 25 July
Both decisions are as reprehensible as expected. In a world where human life, the life of (...)
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// Call to mobilize - 10 years of occupation - Enough !
Haiti : 10 years of occupation - Enough ! Withdraw troops NOW and end the MINUSTAH ! Call to mobilize June 1 – October 15, 2014 The MINUSTAH is not a humanitarian mission. It is a military occupation of Haiti, installed June 1, 2004, by the Security Council, in the wake of the first coup consummated by the U.S. in this new millennium, against a constitutionally elected government in our America. Under the pretext of stabilizing the country , the real goal of the MINUSTAH is to prevent the (...) Read more
// Blockupy International Invites Movements, Networks, Organisations to an Open Assembly in Brussels, September 26-27
Call for building together a transnational space of initiative for a Europe from below, through, against and beyond current Europe We, as Blockupy international coordinating group, met in Berlin on June 21st, to discuss the outcomes of the May of Solidarity and the future perspectives. During the days of mobilization actions were various and rich, and we valued positively that many have been organized from outside the May of Solidarity process. We also agreed that, though the Blockupy (...) Read more
// CADTM Summer School

The debt crisis is far from over but resistance is getting organised, against austerity plans and illegitimate debt, all over Europe and throughout the World.
Come to understand, exchange and discover.

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// Week of mobilization to stop corporate crimes and impunity
Final statement from the Global Campaign Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity regarding the WEEK OF MOBILIZATION TO STOP CORPORATE CRIMES AND IMPUNITY Social movements demand access to justice for those affected by human rights violations and ecological crimes committed by corporations! July 2014 - The ongoing and past violations of human rights by Transnational Corporations (TNCs) urgently demand radical action. Tragedies like the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh that killed (...) Read more
// Concerning the founding of the Bretton Woods’ Institutions
70 years ago, the 22nd of July 1944, the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, better known as the Bretton Woods Conference, that had lasted for three weeks, reached a conclusion. It was attended by representatives from 44 countries. In order to prevent a recurrence of economic crises like the crash of 1929, but also to ensure world leadership in the post-war era, the United States government began to plan for the creation of international financial institutions as early as (...) Read more
// Banks and the New “Too Big to Jail” Doctrine
We all know the saying, “Too big to fail”. The way governments have managed the crisis caused by the banks has given rise to, “Too big to jail,” |1| which is equally poetic! |2| Although the US government let Lehman Bros. go to the wall in September 2008, no other bank has been closed or broken-up, no directors have been condemned to prison |3|. The only exception in the western world is Iceland, where the courts have put three bank directors in prison. Larus Welding, the CEO of Glitnir, (...) Read more
// Solidarity with microcredit’s victims in Ouarzazate city (south of Morocco)
Press release Unjust conviction of Amina Morad and Benacer Ismaïni, 2 activists of the Association for Defending Victims of microcredit in Ouarzazate : 1 year in prison and a fine of 30000 MAD and 10000 MAD for Inmaa a microcredit organization as compensation. The convicted activists have 10 days to lodge an appeal. The trial of Amina Morad and Benasser Ismaïni , the two activists of the Association for Defending of microcredit Victims was held on Tuesday 11th February 11, 2014 under (...) Read more


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