7 October 2015

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03 november 2015
The struggles against austerity policies continue around Europe and also in other parts of the World. CADTM and ATTAC organised a European Citizens' Assembly on Debt in Brussels on 16th October to challenge mainstream discourses on Debt and also to prepare a road map for the future. Prominent speakers included Zoe Konstantopoulou,former Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Philippe Lamberts, MEP(Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance), Miguel Urban, (MEP Podemos-Spain), Eric Toussaint (CADTM) and others.

Private banks have historically played a major role in fomenting debt crises around the world. In several countries, private banks have been bailed out by governments and their debt transformed into sovereign debt. The latest crisis, created by rich private bankers, was shifted on to the shoulders of common citizens, so immiserating their lives further. Bankocracy by Eric Toussaint explores the collusion between private banks and the government and how this nexus acts to create conditions and mechanisms for the continuous transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. We are happy to announce the launch of the English translation of the book. We also take pleasure in making it freely available for the public.

The 4th CADTM Europe Summer University, held at Namur (Belgium) witnessed major discussions around debt in the South, debt in the North, environmental debt, audit, and feminist struggles. A number of speakers and participants discussed the feminisation of the debt burden aggravating the oppression of women and other marginalised and vulnerable groups in the society.
    Debt audit
  • Zoe Konstantopoulou at the European Citizens’ Assembly on debt
    Zoe Konstantopoulou
    In Greece as everywhere else, debt is an instrument to subject the people to the interest of (...)
  • European Citizen’s Assembly on Debt
    Political Economy Research Centre
    On the 16th of October 2015 representatives from PERC attended the European Citizen’s Assembly (...)
  • Banks
  • Bankocracy
    Eric Toussaint
    Available in pdf and epub Via internet, CADTM is very pleased to make this book available to a (...)
  • World Bank
  • Doing Business 2016’s reformed indicator will favour land-grabbing
    Tiago Stichelmans
    the World Bank makes it easier for foreign investors, at the potential cost of local (...)
  • Commercial agreements
  • International trade: UN expert calls for abolition of Investor-State dispute settlement arbitrations
    Office of the Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order
    NEW YORK (26 October 2015) – “Trade must be made to work for human rights and development and not (...)
  • Greece
  • What if the Greek government had heeded the Truth Committee’s recommendations?
    Eric Toussaint
    During a press conference held by the Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt at the Greek (...)
  • Greece : “Ignoring the result of the referendum is an aggravating circumstance.”
    Eric Toussaint, Fátima Fafatale
    The conclusion of the last meeting of the Greek Debt Truth Committee, held from 22 to 25 (...)
  • When Tsipras is eliminating any trace of his opponents!
    Yorgos Mitralias
    So now here we are: the ​​new Tsipras government has just resolved two of its major problems: (...)
  • Greek Community Clinic of Elliniko rejects the European Citizen’s prize awarded by the European Parliament
    Fátima Fafatale
    The self-managed Metropolitan Community clinic of Elliniko rejected the European Citizen’s Prize (...)
  • Cadtm university
  • Radio WIBG: Lauren Tooker on student debt and women bearing the brunt
    Brigitte Marti, Lauren Tooker
    At the CADTM Summer University, the workshop on private debt and resistance broached the system (...)
  • Radio WIBG: Emilie Paumard: Women’s oppression and the debt work together
    Brigitte Marti, Emilie Paumard
    Emilie Paumard opened the plenary session of the 4th summer University of the CADTM. She (...)
  • Radio WIBG interview: Tijana Okic
    Brigitte Marti
    From the CADTM Europe Summer University: The second day offered many workshops to continue the (...)
  • Radio WIBG: Christine Vanden Daelen: Fighting the debt system is a feminist struggle!
    Brigitte Marti
    The CADTM summer university was articulated around five themes, one of which was Feminist (...)
  • India
  • The Denial of Minimum Wage should be a Cognizable Offence
    Sushovan Dhar
    Fulltime trade unionist of the Progressive Plantation Workers’ Union and Executive Council (...)
  • Sri Lanka
  • Foreign commercial debt still higher than concessional
    Paneetha Ameresekere
    Despite the seemingly best efforts by the present regime to limit foreign commercial (...)
  • Alternatives
  • Together we can cool the planet!
    GRAIN, La Vía Campesina
    For many years, La Vía Campesina and GRAIN have been telling the world about how the (...)
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As you know, CADTM has been deeply involved in the struggle for the abolition of the debt demanded from Greece. It was under the impetus of CADTM that a commission to audit Greek debt was created in March 2015. This auditing task is achieved by the voluntary work of the commission members helped by numerous CADTM members who have brought valuable assistance to the cause of bringing to light the truth about the Greek debt. Please support the CADTM.
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