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12 August 2014
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Newsletter n°106 - Monday 23 march 2015
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World Social Forum

» In Tunis, the social movements come together for a better World
by CADTM international
The World Social Forum takes place this year in Tunis (Tunisia) from 24 to 28 March. The CADTM, which has been an active organiser since the beginning, will send a forty strong delegation coming from nineteen different countries and four continents. Members from Belgium, France, Switzerland, (...) [Read more]

» CADTM Program at the 2015 WSF in Tunis
This year’s World Social Forum will take place in Tunis, Tunisia, from march 24th to 28th. The CADTM, actively part of the WSF since the beginnings, will be present with a large delegation of more than 40 people from Belgium, France, Switzerland, DRC, Benin, Camerun, Ivory Coast, Togo, Niger, (...) [Read more]


» The Speaker of the Greek parliament launches a debt audit commission
The Speaker of the Greek parliament, Zoé Konstantopoulou, has announced during a press conference on 17 March 2015 the creation of a commission to audit the Greek debt. The scientific coordination of the commission will be led by Eric Toussaint, Spokesman for CADTM and a member of the Ecuadorian (...) [Read more]

» Why should the Greek debt be audited?
by Eric Toussaint
The President of the Greek Parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou, has set up a commission to audit the Greek debt and has asked me to play an active part in it. I have accepted to assume the scientific coordination. This commission was launched on 17th March 2015 in Athens.Recently the Athens (...) [Read more]

» In case of illegitimate debts creditors can be contravened
by Eric Toussaint, Kristina Bozic
Professor Eric Toussaint, an expert on debt auditing and on the cancellation of debt, talks about the present situation in Europe, why Greek debt cancellation is a legal necessity and why this would not be anything new. The founder of CADTM - The Committee for the Abolition of the Third World (...) [Read more]

» Socrates and the Troika
by Eric Toussaint
In The Republic Plato |1| tells of a discussion between Socrates |2|, and condemned to death and executed in 399B.C.) and a rich Athenian. Socrates pulls apart an argument of the rich Athenian, who insisted that debts should always be repaid. He used the following example: A man lends you his (...) [Read more]

» Madame Lagarde, Herr Junker, you do not adhere to your own commitments!
by Renaud Vivien
A few short days before the general election in Greece, the IMF and the European Commission are doing it again. Warning against any measure of debt relief, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, stated that ‘a debt is a debt, it has to be paid’ while the President (...) [Read more]

» Syriza on a Tightrope
by Stathis Kouvelakis
After Greece reached an agreement with the other Eurogroup members on February 20, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble remarked in his inimitable style: “The Greeks certainly will have a difficult time explaining the deal to their voters.” In fact, the electorate seems to have understood the (...) [Read more]

Greece - Germany

» The Debt Reduction Germany Received in 1952 (and 1990)
by Oscar Ugarteche
The largest debt problems in terms of GDP faced in financial history have belonged either to the United States or to European Governments. Large debt problems in developing and emerging nations have usually stemmed out of a drop in GDP size due to a fall in export earnings and a rise in (...) [Read more]

» In February 1953 the allied powers cancelled part of Germany’s debt. What about Greece?
by Eric Toussaint, Hervé Nathan
Eric Toussaint interviewed by Herve Nathan, of the French weekly Marianne Marianne. When it came to power, the SYRIZA party referred to the cancellation of German debts in the context of the London agreement some sixty-two years ago (27 February 1953). We were reminded that the Federal (...) [Read more]

Greece - Alternatives

» The workers and the Solidarity Assembly of VIOME call for international solidarity
The workers of VIOME in Thessaloniki, Greece, have stood up against unemployment and poverty by carrying through a long struggle to self-manage the occupied factory, in very adverse conditions. For two years now, they have been producing and selling ecological cleaning products at the occupied (...) [Read more]


» A discussion on the “Sustainable Program for Debt Restructuring in Portugal”
by Daniel Munevar
The purpose of this article is to discuss the salient points of the proposal recently presented by a group of Portuguese economists to restructure public debt in Portugal. The authors present a “Sustainable Program” (SP) to address the debt overhang of both the public sector and the financial (...) [Read more]


» Universal Social Security – A commitment or a trickery?
by Sushovan Dhar
The ‘World Social Security Report’, released in 2010, by ILO reported India’s dismal track-record of social security protection for its citizens. It further stated that Indians, especially the poor and the marginalized, suffers from “very high vulnerability” to poverty and informal labor practices. (...) [Read more]

Microcredit Bangladesh

» Bangladesh—A Model of Neoliberalism The Case of Microfinance and NGOs
by Anu Muhammad
In 2006, a few months after the Nobel Peace Prize for Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank was announced, I was visiting Germany. Quite understandably, I found nonresident Bangladeshis overwhelmed with joy and pride about the prize. Many Germans, including left academics and activists, looked at it (...) [Read more]

Debt audit

» Citizen Public Debt Audit - Experiences and methods
by Maria Lucia Fattorelli
CADTM is very pleased to make available to a wide internet public, Citizen Public Debt Audit - Experiences and methods, written under the coordination of Maria Lucia Fattorelli (citizen debt audit of Brazil - member of CADTM). This edition has been made possible thanks to the CETIM, and with (...) [Read more]

» International Conference Debt, Common Goods and Domination- Resistance and Alternatives towards Well-Being (Buen vivir)
The problems of public debt, dependence and imperialist domination are within the main reasons of impoverishment, inequality and plundering in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as in other regions; especially, when taking into account that the system of debt is linked to the current mode (...) [Read more]

Migrations - social movements

» NO BORDER : Brussels Police sentenced for compensation and moral damage
Five No Border activists had the courage and determination to cite the Belgian State and the Brussels Police zone before the Court of First Instance. It is their preventive and abusive arrests, violently carried out in a climate of widespread repression that they wished to see condemned. Their (...) [Read more]


logo Download in pdf
» Bank of the South. An Alternative to IMF-World Bank
CADTM is very pleased to make available to a wide internet public, "Bank of the South" published by Vikas Adhyayan Kendra (VAK) in Mumbai (India) in 2007. This book is a collection of articles by Eric Toussaint, Damien Millet and Daniel Munevar about the creation of the Bank of the South and the need for a new global financial architecture. [Read more]

logo Download in pdf
» The Life and Crimes of an Exemplary Man
Via internet, CADTM is very pleased to make this book, "..." available to a wide public. It may be freely copied by other sites and reproduced for non profit uses provided that a link to the CADTM website is clearly visible ( Feel free to send your comments and information on the personal or collective use you make of this book to Your messages will be forwarded to Eric Toussaint, the author. [Read more]

logo Download in pdf
» The Debt Crisis : From Europe to Where?
Via internet, CADTM is very pleased to make this book, "Debt crisis from Europe to Where ?" published by VAK in Mumbai (India), available to a wide public. It may be freely copied by other sites and reproduced for non profit uses provided that a link to the CADTM website is clearly visible ( Feel free to send your comments and information on the personal or collective use you make of this book to Your messages will be forwarded to the authors. [Read more]

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