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24 February 2016

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15 april 2016
The winds of revolt against austerity measures blow across France. Protesters against new French Labour Laws are now questioning the socio-political system and its choices. See the articles “Nuit Debout’s (Up All Night's) call, place de la République Paris, 8th April 2016” and “Thursday March 31st 2016, After the demonstration don’t go home, let’s occupy the square!” to know more about the issue.

Three articles “The Colonial Origins of the Greek Bailout”, “The Evolution of the Discussion of the Greek Debt:” and “ SYRIZA, the IMF and the EU: Gambling with the Future of Greece” expose the disgraceful deals between the Greek government and the Troika that are sinking Greece into a greater crisis.

Other articles are on: the Rwandan genocide and debt; workshops on citizen debt audits at the “A Plan B for Europe” conference in Madrid; Bulgaria in the trap of neo-liberalism; East and Central European Social Forum in Wroclaw, Poland, and others.

In an interesting development, 23 economists and political scientists have critiqued the way banks function today and have suggested immediate measures to make them responsible to the population at large. See the article “What is to be Done with the Banks? Radical Proposals for Radical Changes” to know more about it.
  • What is to be Done with the Banks? Radical Proposals for Radical Changes
    John Weeks, Eric Toussaint, Stavros Tombazos, Pritam Singh, Benjamin Selwyn, Alfredo Saad Filho, Patrick Saurin, Sabri Öncü, Susan Pashkoff, Ozlem Onaran, Thomas Marois, Philippe Marlière, Francisco Louça, Stathis Kouvelakis, Andy Kilmister, Michel Husson, Michael Hudson, David Harvey, Pete Green, Giorgos Galanis, Alan Freeman, Gilbert Achar, Costas Lapavitsas
    Nine years after the outbreak of the financial crisis that continues to produce damaging social (...)
  • Argentina
  • ATTAC Argentina rejects the free trade agenda carried along by Barack Obama in his visit to Argentina
    ATTAC/CADTM Argentina
    Barack Obama will arrive to Argentina on the 23 of March. The aim of his visit is to (...)
  • Greece
  • SYRIZA, the IMF and the EU: Gambling with the future of Greece
    Daniel Munevar, Costas Lapavitsas
    An impossible agreement The latest flare up regarding Greece has followed publication by (...)
  • The Evolution of the Discussion of the Greek Debt
    Eva Betavatzi
    Since October 2015 when the Tsipras government decided to stop supporting the work of the Greek (...)
  • The Colonial Origins of the Greek Bailout
    Jamie Martin
    When news broke two weeks ago of the harsh terms of a new bailout for Greece, many questioned (...)
  • Debt crisis
  • Towards an integral framework for debt management: Lessons from Latin America to Europe (Part I)
    Daniel Munevar
    A brief survey of the history of South America would reveal that one of the landmark spots of (...)
  • Morocco
  • Marrakech (Morocco): Attac’s twelve spring university banned!
    Marrakech authorities prevent ATTAC/CADTM Morocco from the organization of its twelve (12) (...)
  • The Moroccan authorities refuse to give their approval to ATTAC Morocco in order to organize the international assembly of CADTM network
    ATTAC CADTM Morocco is an association that contributes to dismantling the foundations of (...)
  • The Ouarzazate solar plant in Morocco: Triumphal ’Green’ capitalism and the privatization of nature
    Hamza Hamouchene
    Despite the allure of the solar mega-project, the environmental/climate justice movement must (...)
  • Africa
  • Poverty in Africa, the unvoiced failures of the World Bank
    Salaheddine Lemaizi
    A recent report from the World Bank tells us that the number of Africans living in extreme (...)
  • As global commodity super-cycle ends, Africans continue uprising against ‘Africa Rising’
    Patrick Bond
    After the 2011 peak of the commodity super-cycle, it was simply illogical to proclaim that (...)
  • Audit
  • Fifth ICAN Assembly: retrieving new energies!
    Chiara Filoni
    ICAN, the International Citizen Debt Audit Network, held its fifth assembly in five years in (...)
  • Workshops on citizen debt audits at the Madrid conference “For a Plan B for Europe”
    Jérémie Cravatte
    On the second day of the Plan B conference in Madrid, the hundreds of participants spread (...)
  • East Europe
  • East and Central European Social Forum in Wroclaw
    Pierre Gottiniaux
    Europe is about to implode. This was the first point made at the East and Central European (...)
  • Bulgaria in the trap of neoliberalism
    Daniela Penkova
    In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and the so-called “transition period” for Central and Eastern Europe (...)
  • Finance
  • Panama Papers: UN rights expert calls for the end of financial secrecy to halt flow of illicit funds
    Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky
    GENEVA (8 April 2016) – The United Nations Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights, (...)
  • France
  • Nuit Debout’s call, place de la République Paris, 8th April 2016
    Since 31 March, we are settled on Republic square (in Paris) and on many other places (...)
  • Rwanda
  • The 1994 Rwandan Genocide - The Use of Rwanda’s External Debt (1990-1994)
    Pierre Galand, Michel Chossudovsky
    Twenty-two years after the 1994 Genocide, the role of financial institutions has to be fully (...)
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