12 August 2014

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Three months after Syriza’s victory in the Greek parliamentary elections, the Troika continues with its pressure on the Greek government in order to derail the latter’s programme of social reforms and humanitarian relief. The representatives of the creditors and different European government have multiplied their aggression in order to compel Greece to reimburse its debt which is 180% of the country’s GDP. Almost all economists have commented on this debt as not-payable. Meanwhile, this battle between the Greek people and the debt dictatorship has only begun. The good news is that the work for the audit of Greek debt has begun a month back through the Truth Commission on the Public Debt created by the speaker of the parliament Zoe Konstantopoulo. The Commission has twin objectives – to crack the debate at the European level and arming up the Greek government with the detection and classification of the unbearable dimensions of this obligation – illegal, illegitimate and odious components of the public debt.
In another part of the planet Nepal witnessed a terrible natural calamity resulting in a loss of thousands of lives, property and dispossession of the highest degree. The earthquake devastated the population and the extent of damages of lives and properties including the means of survival are yet to be fathomed. It is estimated that this disaster would destroy at least a quarter of the country's "productive capacity," impact one third of its people and cause damage greater than the size of the country's economy. A mortal blow for a country ranking 145th out of 187 countries in the Human Development Index (HDI); owing $3.8 billion in debt to foreign lenders and spending $217 million repaying debt in 2013, Nepal is one of 38 countries eligible for assistance from the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) new Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust (CCR). However, we note with dismay the absence of any pledge of grants/support by the WB-IMF-ADB in spite of Nepal being one of the largest borrowers of ADB. While demanding a total cancellation of Nepal’s sovereign debt CADTM expresses its condolences to the unfortunate Nepali population and it also stands by their side in their effort to rebuild lives after this horrific disaster..
Appeal to support the Resisting Greek people and its truth Commission on Public Debt
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