26 May

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The Greek audit creates precedent

The austerity measures adopted at the behest of the Troika have caused a systemic collapse of the Greek health system. This situation has prompted CADTM to demand a suspension of the debt-repayment and urgently address fundamental human needs like health. In spite of devastating impacts of such policies, which over the last five years have caused malnutrition, the creditors refuse “any break with the policy of the memorandum, default on the debt or exit from the euro.” While the rounds of negotiations between the Eurogroup continues accompanied with rumours and contradictory statements on the agreements between the two parties, the work of the Committee for the Truth on Public Debt strides towards its mandate. The committee feels that the polices imposed by the Troika has devastated the economy of Greece and has ruined the social protection mechanism of the country. The Commission intends to strengthen the government’s argument while dealing with negotiators and also to facilitate the Minister, in charge of pensions to explain the public about the above policies and its negative impact on pensioners while trying to restore the pension system.

The appeal in support of Greece and the Committee for the Truth on Public Debt published in our previous bulletin has received a great response. We count on your support for spreading this appeal which has received the support of hundreds of international personalities. Everyone can sign: individuals as well as organisations.

An audit is also taking place in Argentina. A bicameral commission on the debt has been created by the Argentine parliament. CADTM regrets the fact that in the Argentine case, the commission is limited to parliamentarians, excluding the social movements. CADTM would be glad to participate at the international conference that will take place in Buenos Aires from June 3-5, 2015. At the same time, Argentina is once again attacked by the vulture funds. Under the pressure of NML Capital, a speculative fund which is one of the 7% of Argentina’s creditors who have refused the terms of the debt restructuring offers of 2005-2010, numerous accounts of the Argentinean embassy in Brussels have been frozen following a judgement given in the United States in favour of vulture funds.

Enrolment for our fourth Summer School is open. We hope for a good attendance during the weekend of the 11, 12 and 13 sepember 2015 at La Marlagne (Namur, Belgium). There will be plenary debats on the crime of the debt and ways out of capitalism. Also, numerous workshops including the debt in the South, in the North and alternatives, ecological debt and womens' struggles.
More than three months after the victory of Syriza in parliamentary elections in Greece, creditors continue to put pressure on the government. The “institutions”, new name given to the Troika, tirelessly seek to impose on Greece the continuation of the memoranda conditions, the same that led Greece into an unprecedented humanitarian, social, economic and policy crisis. However, resistance to creditors is growing. New in the European political landscape, a debt audit commission has been created at the initiative of the President of the Greek Parliament and Éric Toussaint ensures the (...)
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