15 August

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As several articles have previously mentioned, the Greek debt audit committee continues the task it had set itself. During the closing meeting of the September session, in reply to all the objections of those who hold that it would not have been possible to come to any other outcome than the austerity agreement and the ongoing destruction of the social victories that the Greek people had achieved, Eric Toussaint, the Scientific Coordinator of the committee said "If the Greek government had followed the recommendations of the Debt Truth Committee the situation would not have been catastrophic, actually there is no doubt that it would have been significantly better". After imposing humiliating policies of adjustment an agreement on restructuring the Greek debt may be possible. However, Eric Toussant points out that the July agreement shows no trace of such an understanding. Even if it did so restructuring too is a trap that countries should avoid falling into.

At the end of the meeting the committee issued a press release that declared the third Memorandum and the debt that was linked to it, illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable.

On 16 October, European activists opposed to the TTIP will hold the European Citizens' Assembly, in Brussels, on debt. This Assembly, that will be attended by many European social movements and members of citizens' audit committees, aims at building a strategic issue on debt, austerity and the alternatives to these processes in Europe.
On the 13 July 2015, In spite of the enormous 62% victory of the NO/OXI to austerity in the Greek 5 July referendum, the creditors imposed an unacceptable agreement on the Greek Prime Minister. Then, during the night of the 15 to 16 July the Greek parliament ratified this new memorandum with the support of the right wing parties. The Syriza party being split. The intermediate report of the Greek Debt Truth Commission presented on the 17 and 18 June 2015 established that the debt demanded from Greece is almost entirely, illegitimate, Illegal and odious. It is also unsupportable. Until now the findings of the report have not been used by the Greek Government. In the months and years ahead the Greek debt will be at the centre of European issues. The combat for debt justice for the Greek people is far from over. International solidarity with the resistance of the Greek people must be strengthened. (...)
  • Illegitimacy, Illegality, Odiousness and Unsustainability of the August 2015 MoU and Loan Agreements
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    In August 2015, the Tsipras (SYRIZA/ANEL) government agreed to a new MoU and a Financial (...)
  • The Third Memorandum is Unsustainable just like the previous two
    Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt
    We observe again the same assumption which underlay the two previous MoU and which has been (...)
  • Debt and austerity measures imposed on Greece violate the human rights of the Greek people and international law
    Written statement submitted by Centre Europe - Tiers Monde at the 30th session of the Council (...)
  • Britain Needs a Truth Committee on Debt
    Caroline Lucas
    While the debt of states is widely used as an instrument of submission to neoliberal policies, (...)
  • GREECE: Sexist rampage against resistance to memoranda
    Sonia Mitralias
    In the paroxysmal crisis that Greece is going through, we are witnessing an unleashing of an (...)
  • Greece: A capitulation bearer of deadly threats
    Yorgos Mitralias
    What is most frightening in the current Greek situation is that the entire leadership of the (...)
  • Banks
  • Still more Bankocracy !
    Eric Toussaint
    What major developments have affected the issues dealt with in the present volume since the (...)
  • Ecology
  • Yes to changing production and consumption systems ... Not to climate change !!
    Appeal signed by 11 organizations from Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia, Turkey, (...)
  • Restructuring public debts
  • Restructuring public debts : CADTM International has debt auditing at the core of its A & B Plans
    CADTM international
    On 10 September 2015, The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted, by a substantial (...)
  • Some Reflections on the UN Guiding Principles on Foreign Debt and Human Rights and the UN Basic Principles on Sovereign Debt Restructuring Processes
    Cephas Lumina
    Speech pronounced in the Hellenic Parliament on 23rd September 2015 during a public session of (...)
  • Restructuring of sovereign debt: UN Expert stresses GA principles are binding
    Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky
    NEW YORK (10 September 2015) – The Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt and human (...)
  • UN adopts landmark debt resolution on principles for sovereign debt restructuring
    Third World Network
    The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on principles to guide sovereign debt (...)
  • IMF and World Bank
  • The IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings 2015: The State of Play
    Bodo Ellmers, Maria Romero
    Next week’s annual gathering of the World Bank and IMF is going to be different for two reasons. (...)
  • “The World Bank is a Human Rights-Free Zone” – UN expert on extreme poverty expresses deep concern
    The United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, has (...)
  • Commercial agreements - Uganda
  • Public-private partnerships in Uganda cost the country dearly
    Paul Harper
    Privatisation of the Ugandan electricity sector, initiated in 1999 as a condition of the debt (...)
  • Pakistan
  • Unlocking the chains of debt: speakers demand creation of parliamentary debt audit commission
    The News
    Islamabad: Pakistan’s economy has been paralysed by an unpayable and largely unjust debt burden (...)
  • MNA propose to establish ’Debt Audit Commission’
    The Frontier Post
    ISLAMABAD (APP): Speakers at a conference on Wednesday proposed to establish an independent (...)
  • Women
  • World March of Women
    World March of Women
    We, the members of the International Committee of the World March of Women, meeting in Quebec, (...)
  • Slovenia
  • Slovenia : a step towards a citizen debt audit
    Lucien Perpette
    Slovenia seceded from Yugoslavia and became independent on 25 June 1991. With two million (...)
  • Neoliberalism
  • Peoples Sovereignty vs Impunity Inc.
    Transnational Institute, ODG (Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización)
    In eight articles various cases are presened that aim to serve as tools of action for activists (...)
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As you know, CADTM has been deeply involved in the struggle for the abolition of the debt demanded from Greece. It was under the impetus of CADTM that a commission to audit Greek debt was created in March 2015. This auditing task is achieved by the voluntary work of the commission members helped by numerous CADTM members who have brought valuable assistance to the cause of bringing to light the truth about the Greek debt. Please support the CADTM.
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