EU-ACP Parliamentary Assembly calls for the suspension of debt repayments of “Arab Spring” countries

21 May 2011

"The request for a temporary suspension of the repayment of debts of the
so-called ’Arab spring’ countries cannot be ignored by the European
Commission and the Member States,
" declared MEPs Elie Hoarau and Gabi
Zimmer of the GUE/NGL European Parliamentary Group, who initiated this

The EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly, meeting in Budapest, adopted
today, Wednesday 18th May, a resolution on the democratic upheavals in
North Africa and the Middle East in which it calls for: "a temporary
suspension of the repayment of debts“,”an audit of those debts" and
that "the property of the corrupt leaders be frozen and returned to the
public exchequers of the countries in question“. [1]We are now expecting from the Commission and the Member States that
they act quickly,
“said Gabi Zimmer.”We already launched an appeal by
parliamentarians on this issue [2]; now the largest Parliamentary
Assembly, which includes members from the main political groups in the
European Parliament, is taking up this same appeal once again

For Elie Hoarau: "This is the minimum that the EU can do after providing
so much support to the undemocratic governments of the region. The new
democratic governments resulting from the upheavals are currently facing
huge economic difficulties to respond to the legitimate expectations of
their peoples. This suspension of debt, and the repatriation of the
property of the corrupt leaders are very much necessary to free these
governments from the excessive weight of this debt

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